Soil Testing

soil testing methods

Cultivator Phyto Lab excels at providing complete soil testing services for agricultural and non-agricultural lands. As the properties of soil vary depending on its composition and type the quality of the soil is judged by analyzing those properties that limit the usage of land. We test soil samples across the season and types and provide special services. There are various chemical testing parameters offered namely, pH value, porosity, water content, organic carbon, potassium, etc.

Test Methods: As per all national and international methods like AOAC, APHA, EU, Indian standard, FSSAI, ISO, own validated methods and customer supplied methods. Indian Standards (IS) (USFDA) (ASTM) (AOCS) (ASTA) (PAM) US-EPA Methods (API) (IP)(FCC), In-house validated methods.

Soil Testing Parameters

pH value Porosity Arsenic
Organic Carbon and Matter Relative Density Boron
Nitrate Nitrogen Texture Cadmium
Ammoniacal Nitrogen Sodium Chromium
Grain Size Analysis Specific Gravity Cobalt
Wet Sieve Analysis Electrical conductivity Copper
Exchangeable Calcium Cation exchange capacity Lead
Exchangeable Sodium Field Capacity Magnesium
Exchangeable Potassium Water holding capacity Manganese
Water content Soil moisture Mercury
Total Soluble Solids Calcium Carbonate Available Phosphorous Available Sulphur Molybdenum
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen Chloride Nickel
Aluminum Phosphorus Silver
Tin Potassium Zinc


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