Trans-Fatty Acid

Trans Fat Trans Fatty Acids

Trans fats aren’t generally found in natural forms in food and beverages. However, these are prepared and incorporated into food products, specially packaged and frozen foods to increase the shelf life of the product. Trans-fatty acids also enhance the taste and texture of the food products. Cultivator Phyto Lab offers the best-in-class testing services for trans-fatty acids in its state-of-the-art facility with utmost precision and accuracy with a fast turnaround time.

Trans fat, also known as trans-fatty acids, are fats that come from either natural or industrial sources. Trans fats naturally occur in the meat of ruminants (cows and sheep). The more common form is industrially produced trans fats that result from a process in which oils are partially hydrogenated, converting liquid oils into solid fats. Trans fats increase blood levels of LDL cholesterol, which is bad, and decreases levels of HDL cholesterol, which is good. Thus, it ends up harming the health of the consumer. Owing to this reason, national and international authorities have limited the usage of trans fats and have prescribed the maximum limits. As per the FSS (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011, ‘no trans fats’ can only be mentioned on food labels if the total value of trans fats per serving is less than 0.2gm.

Industrially produced trans-fat is a man-made product created when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil. It’s used as a food additive in margarine, frozen pizzas, baked goods such as crackers, biscuits, and pies; and pre-mixed products such as the pancake and hot chocolate mix.

Cultivator Phyto Lab, India’s leading testing and analysis facility, proposes a huge spectrum of food testing services that includes nutritional labelling, residue testing, fatty acid profiling, and trans-fatty acid profiling amongst others. Our ultra-precision test results can help you become a customer trusted brand. 


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