Water Testing

Water is fundamental to survival of life on Earth, and it is a priceless commodity. Statistically, 2/3rd of our planet is water but only a fraction of this water is potable and usable. Water-borne diseases may cause severe damage to life and that is why accurate physio-chemical tests should be conducted before using water.

Pollution from farms, residential lawns, overfilled sewage systems, trash, animal waste, nitrogen phosphorous mixes in water ways are some of the human activities adding to water pollution. On the other hand, factors like weather and meteorology floods due to climate change also result in water pollution. Both these factors result in risk of contamination and higher cost of water treatment. Additionally, large amounts of heavy metals and dangerous bacteria are released everyday into water resources from industries and households. Chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides resulting from agricultural activities also contaminate groundwater. Conclusively, it is very important for organizations, companies, factories, industries, and individuals to conduct water testing before further usage.

Cultivator Phyto Lab provides testing services for Borewell water, Ground water, Packaged Drinking Water, RO water, Packaged Natural Mineral Water, and food and beverages processing companies and provides accurate and reliable test reports on the chemical testing parameters such as color, odour, taste, pH value, acidity, alkalinity, turbidity, TDS, TH, anionic surface, Ca, Cl, N, NO3, NO2, CN, F, SO4, H2S, Mg, Cr+6, and mineral oil.

The following tests are offered by Cultivator Phyto lab:




Calcium (as Ca)

Nitrate (as NO3)

Total Alkalinity (as CaCO3)


Nitrite (as NO2)

Total Dissolved Solids

Chloride (as Cl)

pH value

Total Hardness (as CaCO3)

Ammonia (as total ammonia N)

Phenolic compound


Anionic Surface-active agents (as MBAS)

Residual free chlorine


Cyanide (as CN)

Sulphate (as SO4)

Magnesium (as Mg)

Fluoride (as F)

Sulphide (as H2S)

Hexavalent Chromium (Cr+6)

Mineral Oil



Water Color Test
Water Odor Test
Water Taste Analysis


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