Our Labs & Facilities

Cultivator Phyto Lab is working with expert professionals in the field of testing Food, Agricultural, Ayurvedic, Herbs, and Cosmetic products with a well-developed and equipped laboratory.


Some unique features of Cultivator Phyto Lab

  • All equipment ensure integrity in operations.
  • Segregated lab areas for different testing processes.
  • Labs are designed to avoid cross contaminations.
  • Large number of safety hoods and fume hoods are provided.
  • Laboratory employs standard methods / duly validated test procedures.
  • In-house validated SOPs.
  • LIMS

Cultivator Phyto Lab is leading laboratory which provides comprehensive Physio-chemical, Microbiological and Instrumental analysis for Food, Agriculture, Cosmetic, Soil & Water. A state-of-art facility and experts provide efficient & accurate results.