Fruits and Vegetables

Cultivator Phyto Lab Pvt. Ltd. Provides testing solution for Food & Agriculture Ayurvedic products. The laboratory is well
equipped with advanced and sophisticated instruments with state-of-the-art facility. Our expert team of scientists and
technicians are engaged to evaluate the safety and efficacy of products.

Fruits Products

Vegetables Products

Fruit cocktail/tropical fruit cocktail
Fruit Nectar
Mango Pulp Puree
Sweetened Mango pulp+C130
Fruit Pulp Puree and Sweetened Fruit pulp puree
Tomato Puree and Paste
Fruits Flakes / Cereal
Barley Water
Ginger Cocktail (Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale)
Synthetic Syrup for use in Dispensers for Carbonated Waters
Synthetic Syrup or Sharbat
Candied, Crystallised and Glazed Fruit
Fruit peel Tomato Ketchup and Sauce
Soya sauce
Fruit and Vegetables Sauces
Jam, Fruit Jelly, Fruit Cheese, Marmalade
Fruit Based Beverages Mix
Fruits and Vegetable chutney-mango Chutney
Table Olives
Grated Desiccated Coconu

Curried Vegetables/Ready-to-eat Vegetables
Vegetable soups
Vegetable Juice Pulp Puree
Cereal Flakes
Dehydrated Vegetables
Vegetable/Rhizo me

Nuts & Raisins

Groundnut Kernel Raisins
Pistachio Nuts
Dry Fruits and Nuts


Unprocessed Fruits
Processed Fruits
Thermally Processes Fruits
Frozen Fruits
Canned Fruits
Canned Fruits

Concentrated Fruit Chutney
Fruit Pulp
Brewed and Synthetic Vinegar
Soup Powder
Culinary Pastes

Bottled Fruits
Flexible Packaged Fruits
Aseptically Packed Fruits
Fresh Fruits
Dehydrated Fruits

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Physical & Chemical Analysis

Microbiological Analysis

Residue Analysis

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